Power of Ideas——Design Inspiration of Milan Expo 2015 Exhibition


Duration: 2014.8.6 — 2014.9.8

Venue: D6, Redtory Art District 

Sponsor: Expo Milan 2015

        Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou  

        Redtory Culture and Art Organization

Co- Sponsor: VFS GLOBAL

Expo Milano 2015 has entered the countdown stage, less than a year left before the opening ceremony. For this, Organizing Committee of Expo Milano 2015 and Consulate General of Italy in Guangzhou jointly organize the “Power of Ideas! Design Inspiration of Expo Milano 2015” Exhibition at Redtory.


The Exhibition, starting from the design inspiration of Expo Milano 2015 pavilions, displays the design concepts of the four thematic areas (Pavilion Zero, Future Food District, Children’s Park and Biodiversity Park) and part of  exhibition sites with the  most visualized design manuscripts, and  presents the  theme  of Expo Milano 2015 - "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life", allowing the audiences to feel the artistic atmosphere of the Expo before setting out. 


Opening ceremony

On the afternoon of August 5,  “Power  of Ideas! Design Inspiration of Expo Milano 2015” Exhibition opened in D6 Gallery of Redtory.Benedetto Lattrei, Consul-general of Italy in Guangzhou, Zhang Weidong, Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Guangdong Province, Qiao Haishu, Secretary-general of Guangdong Provincial Council for Promotion of Trade, Zhao Jian, Vice- president of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Chen Qiqi, former Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou and other personages of all circles attended the opening ceremony. More than 60 Expo Milano 2015 building schemes with a total of over 400 excellent design drawings were exhibited on the spot, presenting a professional- level international architectural design trend and at the same time bringing the audiences an opportunity to closely know Expo Milano 2015.

Alice Wong, Art Director of Redtory Culture and Art Organization said: “It’s a great honor that the photo exhibition ‘Power of Ideas! Design Inspiration of Expo Milano 2015’ is held at Redtory today. World Expo is the epitome of human civilization and technological development. This exhibition is themed by ‘Power of Ideas’, showing more than 60 design schemes and 400 excellent pieces of design sketches.These architectural designs are in response to the theme of Expo Milano ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’. The Redtory’s development goal happens to comply with this theme. We are trying to bring vitality to the historical factory site, and let it shine to the public. When creativity and tradition are combined together, the new resources are created which is in line with the development trend of the world. From this point of view, this exhibition explains that the energy of life is coming also from the design and art, which pushes us, humanity, forward.”

Professor Zhao Jian, Vice-president of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and President of School of Design said:“Now we are in the Internet era, and it seems that virtual communication has become a normal state of exchange, so it makes the communication in real space more precious. Mankind’s demands for“face- to-face”communication give birth to the world expo, which was invented more than 160 years ago and is a global carnival for human’s face-to- face communication. Today, it is very easy for us to obtain cultural resources, but people are willing to give up the simple ways to come to Redtory for the exhibition. We have seen that the architectural design of Expo Milano 2015 has a principal axis and Redtory has one as well. Although their scales are different, they have the same function of providing real communication. If we say the development of human today has two main lines, namely high emotion and high technology, then high emotion must have relation with world expos. China is a late comer of world expos. From 1982 up to Expo Milano 2015, China has attended 15 sessions of world expos, and only has an independent pavilion in Japan in 2005, Shanghai in 2010 and Milano in 2015. It’s a great pleasure for me to make personal appearance at the design sites for the three times. China is making progress and is willing to share its achievements with friends from all around the world through world expos. The Shanghai World Expo held in 2010 is about cities, and Expo Milano 2015 is about the earth, so the two supplement each other. Five years ago, we braved the intense heat to attend Shanghai World Expo to experience high technology, and we will go to Milano to experience green, ecology and relaxation next year. We believe Expo Milano 2015 must be very successful. As Milano is the capital of design, it has a close relation with imagination and creativity. The exhibition  scale  tonight  is  not  large,  but it positions itself exactly. It is concise, comprehensive and international. Seeing these immature conceptual design drawings, we can anticipate the success  of Expo Milano 2015.”

Benedetto Latteri, Consul-general of Italy in Guangzhou delivered a speech at the opening ceremony: “This exhibition is about the world expo held once every five years. Last world expo held in Shanghai is very successful, and this time the expo will be held in Milano next year. It’s a great pleasure for me to tell you all that 140 official organizations have confirmed to participate in the exhibition, and it is expected to attract more than 20 million visitors. I believe, Expo Milano 2015 will add an important element to the world expo that has a history of more than 160 years with its uniqueness. This is not only because that Milano is a capital of design and capital of creativity, more importantly the theme of the Expo Milano 2015 - 'Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life' is the concern of all mankind. It is closely linked with every person – it discusses the relationship between human and nature and the relationship between modern lifestyles and shortage of natural resources. The architectural design schemes behind us all fulfill this theme from inspiration to appearances, from shapes to materials and from arrangement to functions. For this, we pay our respects to them. We would like to thank Redtory, the most professional and most efficient organizer. Here, I would like to thank the Redtory team for facilitating the exhibition and for your hard work! I hope to welcome you all at Expo Milano 2015!

I would like to pay my respects to these unique architectural designs through this exhibition and present the design inspiration and novel ideas of some buildings, including architectural images, material selection, decoration arrangement, building functions etc.”


Alice Wong, Art Director of Redtory Culture and Art Organization


Professor Zhao Jian, Vice Director of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, President of School of Design


Benedetto Latteri, Former Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou