Paradise Lost — personal photographic exhibition of Christian houge


Duration: 2014.12.14—2015.02.15 

Venue: E7 Gallery, Redtory Art & Design Factory,

Organizer: Redtory Culture and Art Organization Co-organizer: “Wind of Island” Cultural Cooperation

Supporting organizations: Norway Consulate General in Guangzhou, Canson Infinity

“Paradise Lost—Personal Photographic Exhibition of Christian Houge” was inaugurated in E7 Gallery, Redtory Art & Design Factory on December 14. The photographic and video works of Christian Houge (an artist in Norway) from 2000  to  2014  were  exhibited  in  the  exhibition,  including  four  series  “North Pole Science and Technology & Svalbard International Seed Vault 2000- 2014”, “Barentsburg 2000 – 2014”, “inherent shadow 2010 -2013” and "blazing darkness 2013 – 2014”. The exhibition is the first personal exhibition of Christian Houge in China. He is pleased to share the works in past 15 years with Chinese audiences and hopes the appreciators may feel the wonders and fears in the world and reflect the consequences of scientific and technical development of human from the landscape images filled with romanticism.


Christian Houge is an internationally known Norway art photographer. In the past 20 years, he has been explored the relation between the nature and the people from various perspectives.


He recorded the contract between the scientific landscape and primal environment in a survey manner in Norway Svalbard with rare traces of human presence; he defined the contradictions between the nature and human in a decadent scene with white snow and black coal through 14 visits to Russia mining city; or he experienced the life together with the wolfs and broken the boundary between the nature and human. He sought the resonance between the nature and human from the primary nature. Looking back the creation process of Christian Houge, we may deem him as a behavior artist instead of a photographer. He is affectionate about the nature with body and sentimental to the human with heart.


With the photography form of large size and panorama or silent layout penetrating the soul and heart, the works of Christian Houge may transmit an fearful sense of nothing. However, the pictures filled with sense of silence and quietness may reflect back an inherent sense of anxiety ——are we friends or enemies to the nature tangling the natural instincts and the desire of conquering nature? The problem has been running through the creation process of Christian Houge.


The exhibition theme “Paradise Lost” originated from the poem of John Milton. The poem narrates a story that the human lost innocence in natural revolution. The artistic expression of Christian Houge is filled with personal references, facts and perceptions, bringing the fundamental inspiration for the establishment of self-consciousness and transmitted a unique concept of “paradise lost”.


Opening Ceremony

On the opening day, the organizer also invited Christina Sandsengen (a Norway guitarist) and Fang Jinlong (a Chinese pipa performer) to play a musical instrument on site, leading the visitors to the external landscape and internal mind of Christian Houge visually and acoustically.

The Norwegian consul general of consulate general in Guangzhou Mr. Tory delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

The Norwegian artist Christian Houge delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

Christina Sandsengen (a Norway guitarist) and Fang Jinlong (a Chinese pipa performer) played a musical instrument on site